Monday, September 27, 2010


This was a big letdown.

It's already out in retail and the game still plays like it's in beta. I don't understand the point of rushing out an unfinished product that easily needs another year of development. Square employees said they would "fix" the UI and other numerous problems for retail release, but they were never fixed at all. Then again, when has Square ever listened to their customers?

The horrible lag for everything is still there too. I don't feel like going too in detail because I'm sure everyone keeping up with FFXIV already knows about all the current complaints. Apparently there's been a lot of negative backlash in Japan as well. I'm honestly surprised the land of die-hard Squeenix fanboys who gobble up and praise anything Square churns out its asshole are hating this game.

I was really looking forward to it when I first saw the new scans/information pop up from Famitsu, but actually playing it made me feel otherwise. I'm hoping they address and fix up everything once the PS3 release comes around.

I just have to wait and see for now, I guess.